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The Document Library feature provides a way for users to centralize, store, and share several types of documents, and do so without having to use email. This means that rather than sending an important document attached to an email, which then may or may not get lost in a colleague’s email inbox, you can upload it to worksmartanew, and it becomes available to all permissioned team members all the time. Not only can you upload single documents, but you can also create folders and subfolders to be better organized.

This Quick Tip will explain the Document Library and how to use it by covering the following:

  • How to upload a document and a folder
  • How to create a folder and sub folder
  • Folder and document features
  • How to filter and view documents and folders

How to upload a document

Click on the Document Library section of the portal. To upload a document, select the green button that says Upload Document Library.

You will then be taken to your computer documents where you can select the document you wish to upload. You have the opportunity then to share with an “Individual Team member” or “All Client Team” along with selecting permissions. Last, click Start Upload.

How to upload a folder

To upload a folder, you need to select the dropdown box below. Select ‘Upload Folder.’ You will then be taken to your computer documents where you can select the folder you wish to upload. The same screen and options will appear as it did for uploading a document.

How to create a folder and subfolder

By selecting ‘New Folder’ a new screen will appear and you will have the option to name the folder and share with “Individual Team” or “All Client Team” and apply permissions.

To create a subfolder within a folder, simply open a folder. You then click on ‘New Folder’ and follow the same process as above. Give the folder a name and share with “Individual Team” or “All Client Team” and apply permissions.

You can also add files to folders or subfolders. To add a file to a folder or subfolder, open a folder. This screen (shown below) will appear. You can then drop files from your computer or click the “Upload Document Library” button to select files from your computer. Don’t forget to click the blue button, Start Upload.

Folder and document features

Once a file or folder is created, you can use the ‘three dots’ feature to:

  • Unfollow updates
  • Cut (to paste it somewhere else)
  • Copy (to paste it somewhere else)
  • Rename
  • Delete

You have the option to download any file or folder to save onto your computer. Simply click the ‘download’ option.

To the right of the Download option is the “lock” icon. Clock this icon and Permissions will appear.

Next to the “lock” icon is the cog dropdown. Click this icon and a new screen appears where you can Share with Guests.

If you would like to conduct any of the above as a collective, use the tick box circled in the image below.

How to filter and view documents and folders

You have the option to filter and view differently. See below where to find these options:

  1. Thumbnail view
  2. Filter by typing a name
  3. Arrange in alphabetical order
  4. Add and remove other filter options as you wish with the 3 dots

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