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The worksmartanew portal allows for permissions to be set on content within the team. This allows for individual members to have different levels of access to content based on how an organization would like to permission content.

User Types

  • Basic: They can view, comment, and download content
  • Standard: In addition to “Basic” rights, they can also upload or create content
  • Administrator: They can access and manage any content and invite and control the settings of the team

Permissions and Temporary Team

In worksmartanew we have the functionality to share with guests. Guests are non-members of the account who you would like to share pieces of content with on occasion. As they are not part of the Client Team, the Administrator will select the duration of this temporary team member (see image below).

Consider transitioning any guest to a member that you share content with frequently.

Permissions can be set in a similar way for each content within the worksmartanew portal:

  • Files & Folders
  • Discussions
  • Calendar of Events
  • Project Management

To access Permissions, click on the “lock” icon.

Files & Folders

Files and folders can have permissions applied. Once applied to a folder, the permission can be carried down to the child folders by selecting the tick box ‘update sub-folders to inherit the permissions’ when creating the folder. Individual permission can be changed once a sub-folder has been created.


Set Permissions when uploading a new file

  • When uploading a file (or creating a new folder), you will see the defaulted permissions shown in “Shared with” as Individual Team and All Client Team.
  • These options provide an Individual Team or All Client Team access to the file (or folder) and the ability to select appropriate Permissions
  • Please adjust the file before uploading if you would prefer:
  • Different Access Levels – this can be changed from “view & edit” to any of the following using the dropdown menu as shown below:
    • Viewmeans a user can only view the file.
    • View, Download and Sharemeans a user can view, download, or share the file with an external individual.
    • View & Editmeans a user can do all the above plus edit/upload a new version of the file.
    • View, Edit, & Deletemeans a user can do all the above plus delete the file.
    • Administermeans a user has the same rights as the account administrator for the file.

Change permissions on an uploaded file

Once a file has been uploaded or a folder created, the permissions set at upload can be adjusted by simply going into the lock icon on the folder/file view:

Click on the lock icon to open the permissions window to change accordingly to share with an Individual Team Member or All Client Team.

You can also grant special permissions to individuals in the “Set Individual Permissions” area if desired. You can edit or remove the individual permissions, which puts the user back to the default Group member permission level.

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