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The Project Management feature can be used by any members of the portal, apart from a ‘Basic’ member who can only use the specific tasks they are assigned too. Tasks are easy to create and easy to edit and update. There is a progression status bar provided to help you stay on track and updated whilst a task is being completed. Not only will this tool assist you in keeping track of the progression of tasks across various members, but there are many other functionalities that we will explore.

This Quick Tip will cover the following:

  • How to create a task and category
  • How to edit a task
  • How to apply permissions to a task
  • How to filter tasks

How to create a task and a category

Click on the Project Management section of the portal. To create a category, as the one shown below, click on the green button, New Category. When you select this, you will be asked to enter a Category Name and select a color. Then select Create and your category is created.

To create a task please either use the drop down and select “New Project Management” or by selecting “+Add a task and hit enter/return.”

Once you have selected either option, you will have access to the edit task window (see below). Here you have the option to use the following features:

  • The option to insert links
  • Format the text
  • Assign the task to a category – (tip, you can also drag and drop the task into categories once saved)
  • Set the status bar
  • Assign a due date & time
  • Set a reminder for the task
  • Assign the task to members
  • Add in user tags

Once you have set the above, select Create.

Another way to create tasks is to import from a CSV file. To do this you need to use a CSV file that you already pulled together, but do not worry you can always use the “Download sample file” to help get started. When creating the CSV file, add the same information as you would do when creating a task normally as headers and fill below for each task.


How to edit an existing task

Step 1.

To open the task, click on the name of the task you would like to open and a similar box to the one above will open.

Step 2.

Select edit in the top right hand corner of the box which will bring up the below image. There are more features available when you edit a task such as:

  • Add comments, assign to Client Team, see previous activity, add attachments, and apply permissions.

How to apply permissions

A task can have permissions applied if you like to limit who can see the task and/or how they can interact with it.

To set permissions when creating a new Task – First, create a new task, open the task, and hit edit to update the permissions. All access levels available are below:

  • All Client Team – you can grant permissions to all Members.
  • Assignees – Keep as assignees only if you would like this to be only accessible to people who have been assigned to the task.

How to filter tasks

To make it easier to find certain tasks, we have the option to apply a filter to search existing tasks, both pending and completed. The steps below show you how to filter your tasks:

  1. Filter by the name of the members assigned to the tasks
  2. Filter between dates
  3. Filter by the assigned person
  4. Show the status of tasks within the search

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