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Information is organized for easy access based on our experience working with hundreds of employers. We have surveyed employees and know how they search for and use information. We have talked with HR departments across industries to better understand their needs.

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Getting Started

All you need is a device and an Internet connection. The HR Anew Toolbox™ provides a mobile app for your business. Your clients and team members will be able to download your app to share files and communicate together from anywhere.

  • Collaborate on projects, files, tasks, events, discussions, and more
  • Available for iOS (downloaded from the App Store) and Android (downloaded from Google Play) users
  • Mobile file sharing and documents on-the-go in real-time
  • Search and retrieve documents and files instantly in a cloud-based environment
  • Increase productivity because your team can find knowledge faster
  • Confidently communicate in a world without boundaries
  • Pricing: There is an initial setup fee for custom configuration, and a monthly subscription fee based on the number of unique users.

Customized to Your Needs

Your HR Anew Toolbox will be branded to your company and customized to fit your needs.

We will assign a Team Success Manager as a single point of contact from planning to implementation and beyond. Your Team Success Manager will also have expertise in employee relations, equal employment opportunity, human resource management, learning and talent development, organizational development, or performance and productivity.

We also provide no-cost implementation training for you and your employees. 

Innovative Approaches to Difficult Problems

Transcend traditional digital limitations through culturally competent solutions.

Access 24/7
Empower teams to self-manage their workplace transactions.
Activity streams
Keep track of events, uploads, updates, comments, and replies in a personal dashboard view.
Background checks
New hires complete digital forms for background checks and employment reference verifications.
Branded design
Use your own branded URL. Branded intranet design, according to your branding guidelines. Branded native mobile app available for Android and iOS.
Career development assessments
Access DiSC, MBTI, HOGAN, Strong Inventory, Strengthfinders, and Situational Leadership assessments.
Gain access to the right content for the respective channel using a high-performance interface. The chatbot can search the knowledge base and return matching content in response to user questions.
Have conversations with clients and colleagues in a secure environment.
Access EEO, HR, OSHA and related posters, handbooks, documents, and digital forms.
Access primary resources and tools from one dashboard.
Discussion forums
Set up discussion forums for your internal and external team members or clients and encourage active participation.
Document and large file support
Store, send, and receive large files.
Document editing
View and collaborate on files, directly from within your portal solution, with the wiki-style editor.
Document management
Request files, automate filing, cross device syncing, integrations, and more.
New hires securely complete and sign the Form I-9, saving you from data re-entry.
Company calendar

Quickly set up and share meetings, special days, and group events.

Group chats
Keep in touch and have real-time conversations with the members of your client and project groups.
Link your broadly used apps and services with our portal and your groups to provide a one-access control point customer experience for your team.
Intranet functions
Digital folders and files can be organized exactly the way you want them to create a familiar workspace for your team and clients.
Stay connected with members and entire groups. Ask questions, provide feedback, discuss updates, and clip emails and web content to share with the team.
Multiple languages
Supported by 16 languages.
New hire process
Complete employment or contractor documents before the new employee’s start date.
Orientation and Onboarding
Assign new hires an online checklist of tasks and receive notification of completion; and ensure timely completion of compliance forms through electronic signature verification.
Open enrollment
Streamline open enrollment.
Project management
Private digital workspaces to organize tasks, save and work on content, monitor progress and time management, quality review, receive reports and metrics, and achieve deliverables. Help teams and clients be transparent, collaborate, and efficiently manage deliverables.
Questions & suggestions
Autoroute employees’ questions and recommendations to HR to resolve.
Shift administrative burden
Time is precious, shift the administrative burden to us. Spend your time building your business and solving complex problems.
Skills assessments
Assess potential and current employees to ensure they have the right competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and savvy to do the job well. Assess their training needs. Access more than 800 standard job based and subject based tests or upload your own question to create the job-specific assessments for hiring or career development.
Tele wellness solutions

Proactively address and resolve grievances, disputes, and conflicts to achieve resolution at the lowest level possible.

Tele wellness and health
Gain access to HR Anew’s curated team of medical, emotional wellness and health, financial, and other experts.
User and group permissions
Assign access permissions to each unique member.
Create individual, group, and customizable workspaces for your clients or projects. Allow real-time collaboration and sharing within a secure environment.

The Learning Library

A distinctive feature of the HR Anew Toolbox™ is the Learning Library. The library provides online access to curated articles, videos, workbooks, and presentations.

Tele Employee Relations Hotline

Highly engaged employee relations can make a business successful in the long run. Benefits of employee relations include:

  • Proactively address and resolve grievances, disputes, and conflicts quickly and at the employee or team level whenever possible.
  • Improve employee loyalty and retention, develop high performers, and reduce turnover.
  • Support open communication, collaboration, and improve the overall work culture.
  • Save time and money and reduce exposure to liabilities associated with claims of discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliation.

Tele Employee Relations Hotline

Gain access to HR Anew’s curated team of medical, emotional wellness and health, financial, and other experts. We bring our clients’ employees the very best support for receiving real-time care, services, and support when needed. 

Other Features and Benefits

Client support Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. –  5:00 p.m. EDT.

Secure cloud
and double authentication vault.

Easy electronic access to digital documents and files that are essential to a business for management and employees.

Restricted Access. Role-based permissions by category to include department, location, management, or employee based on a “need-to-know” philosophy.

Customized alerts and alarms to share communications with your workforce.

Quantitative and qualitative data analytics to identify growth opportunities, deepen employee performance, productivity, and engagement, and gain more useful insights to manage your business.

Data security includes controls, data transmission, disaster recovery, and backup that go beyond industry norms to protect data and documents.

Focus on ease of use and proactive communication, collaboration, engagement, and just-in-time learning.

Eco-friendly by reducing carbon footprint and limiting the need to print, scan, and create hard copy filing systems.

All management and employee files, resources, and tools are in one location to enable any approved device to access them from anywhere at any time.

Orientation, onboarding, and social community support for collaboration, mentoring, and learning.

Integrated technology to optimize for a connected ecosystem. Provide easy access and reduce software licensing requirements.

Join Us to Deliver Greater Employee Success

The result of using the HR Anew Toolbox™ is enhanced performance, resourcefulness, efficiency, productivity, engagement, communication, collaboration, and on time learning.